C-5-1. (b) Secretary, Urban Development Department, Mantralaya. Provision of 800 mm. (e) Medium and low voltage wiring running in shafts, and within false ceiling shall run in metal conduct. TMC/1082/230/NC-Cell (i) dated 15th June, 1982, Thane Municipal Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the said municipal Corporation) has been established with effect from 1st October 1982. (a) The boilers shall not be allowed in sub-basement but may be allowed in the basements away from the escape routes. (b) Name of the Architect / Surveyor and their address. (I) The provisions of these regulations are not intended to prevent the use of any material or method of design or construction not specifically prescribed by these regulations provided any such alternative has been approved by the Commissioner. with twin hydrant outlets and hose reel on, The floor space Index for low cost housing schemes for economically weaker sections and low income groups of the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority, having at least 60 per cent of the tenements under economically weaker section (EWS) and Low Income Group (LIG) categories, shall be allowed to be increased by 20 percent over and above the normally permissible FSI. (ii) Stores or shops for conduct of retails business, including department stores. And whereas, the said Municipal Corporation after following the legal formalities stipulated under the said Act has submitted under sub-section (1) of Section 30 of the said Act, the revised Draft Development Control Regulations, 1994, to the State Government on 29th September 1994 for sanction. … 20%, (iii) Area above 10,000 sq.m. The Water closet pan size shall be of a minimum of 0.46 m. (18 Inches) in length. (a) The entire land for the amusement park shall vest in a signal ownership and the land shall not be sub-divided at any time. The provisions of Table No.15 given on the next page shall be applicable in such cases. for every additional floor height of 3 m or part thereof. Development Permission Fee / Receipt,-. RSA-609/CR-432/Pol-7/ dated 17th November, 2009 has framed policy for creating staff quarters for Police personnel including Police Officers, with additional FSI; And whereas, the Govt. net area of land excluding open space and areas covered by internal roads shall only be considered. (c) Above 25 m. and not exceeding 35m. REGIONAL PLAN THANE : ORIGIONAL / 15(1) REGIONAL PLAN THANE: Development plan. There will, however, be no storage or sale of combustible materials except with the Commissioner’s special permission. after making necessary enquiry and after consulting the Director Town Planning Maharashtra State, Pune and after examining the provision of the said Draft Development Control Regulation has now decided to sanction the Draft Development Control Regulation in respect of Development/Redevelopment in congested area. Regulation 148. (b) the position of the site in relation to neightbouring street. Short title, commencement and application:-, (1) These regulations may be called as the “Development Control Regulations for Municipal Corporation of The City of Thane, 1994” (hereinafter called as “these regulations”). dated 7th July, 2016 – Procedure and Checklist for Site Inspection before the grant of Building Permission and Occupancy Certificate in Maharashtra, Comprehensive Guidelines for Deemed Conveyance in Maharashtra  G.R. Buildings included in heritage precincts shall maintain the skyline in the precincts (without any high-rise development) as may be existing in the surrounding area, so as not to demolish or destroy the value and beauty of the said heritage building/heritage precincts. (iv) Sub-division of land shall be permitted with area of the plot so subdivided being not less than 4000 sq.mt. for a habitable room. etc. The pit may be lined with stone, brick or concrete blocks with dry open joints which shall be backed with at least 7.5 cm. The Corporation may acquire and develop Retail market. (c) Hostels, school, colleges, Training Centers and other institutes; (d) Barracks of armed forces, paramilitary forces and Police; (e) Functional Buildings of Railway Stations like waiting rooms, retiring. 1.0 Planning Events and Authorities 1.1 Authorities Thane is an important industrial city and as a district administrative Head. (i) the minimum head-way under any beam shall be 2.4 m. (ii) in all occupancies, except those included in serial no. under my supervision and in accordance with the sanctioned plan. (v) Educational buildings, excluding building of trade schools but including student hostels in independent buildings, religious buildings, community halls, welfare centres & gymnasia: Provided that the Commissioner may, by order, permit Montessori schools, kindergarten classes or bal-mandirs in a part of a residential building on the ground floor or on the floor above the stilts if the area thereof is not less than 40 sq.m. S.No./City S.No/ F.P.No…………….. village/ T.P.S. From here, you can download Navi Mumbai Development Plan Map and development plan maps of all districts of Navi Mumbai. Regulation 34. pressure not less than 2.1 kg.cm2 at the top most hydrant. (b) Habitable room in high      Density housing, (a) With fixed or loose seats and dance floors, (b) Without seating facilities including dining rooms. (g) space to be left around the building to secure a free circulation of air,   admission of light and access for scavenging purposes. floor to the underside of the roof slab or ceiling; (b) adequate ventilation shall be provided for the basement. 0.9.4 Hoppers to refuse chutes shall be situated in well ventilated positions and the chutes shall be continued upwards with an outlet above roof level and with an enclosure wall of non-combustible material with fire resistance not less than two hours. On Plot/lands where there is existing cinema theatres, redevelopment of the plots shall be allowed subject to the condition that at least 1/3rd of the existing seats shall be retained, which shall not be below 150 seats, subject to the following . Cost incurred on construction of tenements for hutment dwellers including commercial users + Project Affected Persons + Infrastructure + Cost incurred on construction of flats for sale at market rate……………’Z’, (iv) Profit : (x + y)- Z x 100.. Not to exceed 25% Z. (iii) The land owing authority will form the co-operative societies of existing eligible hutment dwellers. (e) Height:- The average height for a habitable room with slopping roof shall be minimum 2.6m. Officer in the case of multi-storeyed, high-rise and special buildings. (55) “Gallery” means an intermediate floor or platform projecting from a wall of an auditorium or a hall providing extra floor area or additional seating accommodation and includes the structures provided for seating at stadia. 13] SPECIAL GUIDELINES FOR SLUMS ON PRIVATE LANDS: In addition to the general guidelines above which are applicable to the development undertaken by T.M.C.,MHADA, other public lands and private lands, following additional guidelines will have to the fulfilled in case of slums on private land. (4) In every case in which a licensed technical personnel is professionally concerned in connection with any building or work upon any premises designed or intended to be used for any purpose in respect of which the written permission or License of the Commissioner, is prescribed by the said Act as a necessary condition to the establishment or use of such premises for such purpose , it shall be incumbent on such licensed technical personnel, so far as his professional connection with such case extends, to see that all conditions prescribed by the said Act, or by any bye-law or rules/regulations for the time being in force thereunder are duly fulfilled or provided for. provided by the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC). (ii) are those proposed to be demolished immediately and is so marked in yellow? An open area of 3 sq. The domestic suction tank connected to the static water storage tank shall have an overflow capable of discharging 2250 ltrs. C-6.3. Provided that, such distance shall be measured from the opposite edge of the road where the zone abuts on an existing or proposed road. (q) location and details of first aid firefighting equipment / installations. (ii) a wall forming part of a building and standing in any part of the length of such wall, to a greater extent than the projection of the footing on one side on grounds of different owners. (b) Fishing Industry e.g. Provided that above restrictions on shopping will not apply to the reconstruction or redevelopment of an existing building having existing shopping users. (c) All call boxes shall be wired in a close circuit to a control panel in the control room, located as per paragraph 0-14 so that the floor number where the call box is actuated is clearly indicated on the control panel. (xiv) General agriculture, horticulture and poultry farming (but not dairy farming) in the areas other than congested area, poultry farming being permitted at the rate of 0.25 sq.m. (25) “Corridor” means a common passage of circulation space including a common entrance hall. (iv) Transport Vehicles:- In addition to the parking spaces provided for mercantile (commercial) buildings like offices, markets, department stores and for industrial and storage buildings, parking spaces for transport vehicles shall be provided at the rate of one space for each 2000 sq.m. The land area for this purpose will be the area mentioned in clause V (3) of Annexure I of these Guidelines. (iii) One of the wash basins in the toilet block on each floor fixed at a height of 80 cm. Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (2) of Section 37 of the said Act and all other powers enabling it in that behalf, the Government of Maharashtra hereby sanctions the said proposal of Modification, with some modification as indicated in Schedule given hereunder. remaining thereafter shall be allowed to be utlised as a Development Rights (TDR) in Appendix-W or the full FSI on the land surrendered to the Corporation may be allowed to be used as Development Right in accordance with the regulations governing Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) in Appendix-W. TPS 1294/1832/CR 291/94-UD-12 dated 7, And whereas, after making necessary enquiry Development Control Regulations were sanctioned said Draft Development Control Regulations under Govt. 3.1       The Municipal Commissioner shall prepare list of buildings, artefacts, areas and precincts of historic and/or cultural significance and the list of those natural features of environmental significance including sacred groves, hills, hillocks, water bodies (and areas adjoining the same), open areas, wooded areas, athlarikshas etc. (i) In addition to the provision of these regulations, regulations prescribed under the Factories Act, 1948 shall be applicable to the Industrial buildings. shall be 1.00. Grade II (A):- Internal changes and adaptive reuse and external changes may by and large be allowed but subject to strict scrutiny. (Whether in respect of heritage building or by any other means). (d) The promoters of the project shall provide adequate facilities for collection and disposal of garbage at their cost and to the satisfaction of the commissioner and will keep, at all times the entire environment clean, neat and hygienic. This comes after the civic body received approval for the Urban Renewal Plans (URPs) for the first six clusters of CDS. These may be developed subject to the following: (i) Slums on such lands should be shifted to a suitable residential zone, as near as possible and development allowed on the new site according to provision of Appendix S. Where such shifting is not possible and development of the land for the purpose of the designation or reservation in the Development Plan is not possible, action for deletion of the designation/reservation may be taken under section 50 of the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act,1966. Provision for staircase,-. The open space requirements shall be as per Appendix N. However for residential and commercial zone following provisions shall be observed in addition. relating to grant of utilisation of DR’s. of floor area or fraction thereof exceeding the first 200 sq.m. (iii) All exits shall be free of obstruction. Ancillary structures such as underground tank, overhead tank – sub-station etc. and its statutory bodies; And whereas, the Govt. Resolution No.TPS 1294/1259/CR 222/94/UD-12 dated 28-4-95, excluding sanction to Regulations in respect of-. (Accompaniment to Notification No.TPB 4315/145/CR-119/2013/UD-11 Dated 19 November, 2015), The following provisions regarding Development/Redevelopment for construction of staff quarters of the State Govt. (c) Employing not more than 9 persons each. Restrictions on use of room containing water-closet,-. 1.2 They shall extend to a whole Municipality of (Thane). Non Conforming users other than for industries,-, Where non-conforming user existing prior to the date of commencement of these regulations is allowed to be continued in the development plan any additions to such non-conforming use (other than those provided in regulations 72) not exceeding the permissible floor area ratio or total permissible built-up area for the zone or normal floor space index for the non-conforming user, whichever is less, may be permitted subject to the following terms and conditions, namely –. (ii) When revolving doors are considered as required exit way, the following assumptions shall be made:-, (a) each revolving door shall be credited one-half a unit exit width and, (b) revolving doors shall not be located at the foot of stairway. carpet area. of the plot without taking into account the area to be handed over to Corporation. dated 14th May, 2008 – Allotment of Flat of 269 square feet area to Hut holders, G.R. N.1.1.1 Generally congested area shall be intended mainly for residential purpose excepting areas reserved for public purposes or municipal purposes in the Development Plan and areas in which it would be expedient to acquire for the said purposes but not so designated. (iv) Bulk storage of kerosene and bottled gas for domestic consumption with the special permission of the Commissioner. This Regulation shall be known as Regulation for Conservation of buildings, artefacts, structures, areas and precincts of historic and/or aesthetic and/or cultural significance or sites of scenic beauty including points walks, rides and bride path (heritage buildings and heritage precincts) and/or natural features of environmental significance, for the city of (Thane). as shown in the layout of the colony will be provided as part of the original project. (i) Building abutting more than one street:- When a building abuts two or more streets, the setbacks from each of them shall be such as if the building were fronting each such street. (III) Copies of the results of all tests shall be retained by the Commissioner for a period of not less than two years after the acceptance of the alternative materials. (a) The plot on which a petrol filling station with or without service bays is proposed shall be an independent plot on which no other structure shall be constructed. Mayor, Thane Municipal Corporation 2. (d) Combined toilet:- A combined toilet shall be permitted for more than one tenement with a minimum area of 1.85 sq.m. DRCs may be used on one or more plots of land whether vacant or already developed or by the erection of additional storeys, or in any other manner consistent with these Regulations, but not so as to exceed in any plot a total built up FSI higher than that prescribed in Regulation 14 in this Appendix. (3) The FSI shall be restricted to a maximum of 2.5. in area, amenities and facilities shall be provided as required by these regulations. The capacity of exits (doors and stairways) indicating the number of persons that could be safely evacuated through an unit-exit width of 50 cm. of plot area, in side or rear open space, at a distance of 7.5 m. from. (3) To permit Club Houses, open play Grounds and other recreational purposes as normally permissible under green zone – G2 with permissible FSI as in (2) above. Total area subject to maximum of 2125 sq.m. at the eaves. table No. (8) Notwithstanding the provisions regarding access in these regulations, an access provided in Town Planning Schemes shall be deemed to be adequate. A letter box of appropriate dimensions shall be provided on the ground floor of residential and commercial buildings with five and more storeys. Nos. TPB-1294/1259/CR-222/94/UD-12, dt. 127 shall be added as—. FORM FOR SANCTION OF DEVELOPMENT PERMISSION/. Fish drying, fish net drying, repair and allied activities, (b) High capacity Mass transport Route (HCMTR), (c) Proposed widening of existing road/street envisaged either in the development plan or by. measured from the building line along the front portion abutting the street only shall be provided. (ii) In the case of special housing schemes put up by public agencies for low income group and economically weaker section of the society, the minimum height of plinth shall be not less than 30 cm. (D) For the construction of new railway lines or tracks the approval of the State Government shall be necessary. Regulation 58. It had a population of 7.95 lakhs in 1991 as against Regional Plan target of 4.5 lakhs. iv) Area constructed by utilisation of TDR. (viii) The permission so granted shall be revoked in the event if the conditions (i) to (vii) mentioned above are not strictly observed. TMT bus serves the entire Thane City. (103) “Service lane” means a road or lane provided at the rear or side of a plot for service purposes; (104) “Site” means a parcel or piece of land enclosed by definite boundaries. N.1.1. (f) What is the total number of tenements (Item 10(a)(iv) plus Item 10(c))? 13. Whenever the building is served by more than one staircase, one of the staircases may lead to basement level provided the same is separated at ground level by either a ventilated lobby or a cut-off screen wall without opening, having a fire resistance of not less than 2 hours with discharge point at two different ends or though enclosures. The floor within the duct shall be pierced for any service pipe or ventilation trunk and shall fit as closely as possible around any such pipe or trunk. 5.1.4 Entrance Landing:- Entrance landing shall be provided adjacent to ramp with the minimum dimension 1800 mm x 2000 mm. Uses to be in conformity with Zone,-. However, if the revised permission proposal contemplates construction on 4000 sq.mt balance potential, then in such case the provisions of Inclusive Housing would apply to such balance construction area. (vii) to advise whether to allow commercial/office user of any listed building or Heritage Precincts, and when to terminate the same. (d) The W.C. seat shall be 500 mm. (29) Pathways:- The width of pathways shall be as follows: (i) 1.5m width for pathways upto 20m. In industrial zones, the provision of sub-regulation (2) of regulation 54 shall apply. (c) Licence No. (xix) Area covered by new lift & passage thereto in an existing building with a height upto 16 m. (xx) Area of covered passage of clear width not more than 1.52 m. leading a lift exit at terrace level to the existing stair case so as to enable decent to lower floor in building to reach tenements not having direct access to a “New Lift” in a building without an existing lift. Thane is thus well on its way to becoming a Smart City. * For buildings above 30 m. mechanical, ventilation system shall be installed besides the provisions of minimum ventilation shaft. from any junction of road.. (c) Petrol station shall not be sited on the convex side of a road curve. dated 11th September, 2019 –— Guidelines for Rapid Re-development of Cessed buildings in Mumbai City, Sale of Flat on the Basis of Carpet Area:- G.R. 9 of the Development Plan of Thane is changed to “Library and Cultural Centre”. TPS/1297/127/CR-6/97-UD-12/dt. Note:- To indicate details on building plan (i) Proforma II of Appendix A. (8 persons lift) with automatic closing doors. Appropriate identification of specific facilities within a building for the handicapped persons should be done with proper signals. such buildings, which are licensed to perform their respective business. 85. (iv) Routes to the Fire escape shall be free of obstruction at all times except for a doorway leading to the fire escape which shall have the required fire resistance. Please check the completed work and permit me to proceed with the rest of the work. DEPT/DN/605, dated the 22nd July 1997 to comply with the directions contained in the Report. (i) Structures permitted in recreational open spaces. (e) The call boxes shall be so installed that they do not obstruct the exit way and yet their location can easily be noticed from either direction. (vi) The maximum two storeyed (Ground and one Floor) building shall be permitted. The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) had submitted these six URPs to the government for approval, out of of 44 URPs. (d) Assembly hall, residential hotels of 3 star category and above:- rooms in institutional, industrial, hazardous or storage occupancies, department stores, entrance halls and lobbies to department stores and assembly halls. Competence,- Structural Engineers shall be competent to submit the structural details and calculations for all buildings and supervision. Requirements regarding pantries,-. Acceptance letter from the Licensed Technical person or Architect. 16. (1) The following uses are permissible in C-2 Zone:-. 4-B (Appropriate Authority as Higher and Technical Education Department, Government of Maharashtra) as shown on part plan.”. (ii) “Second belt” means the distance beyond the above first belt upto 600 mt. Note:- The provisions of note under paragraph N.1.2.4 (a) (1) shall apply for front open space in the case of storage building. provided such area is used for low income group housing and the F.S.I. The population of the city is 18, 18, 872 (Ref. Thereafter the owner will be entitled to have the full permissible F.S.I. Provided however that in respect of areas included in the finally sanctioned Town Planning Scheme, scheme regulations shall prevail, if there is any conflict between the requirements of these regulations and the scheme regulations. And whereas Govt. Attested copy of receipt for payment of development permission fee. and for any dues of any other competent authority from time to time. Minimum width of ramp shall be 1800 mm. which may be granted under this sub-rule shall not exceed 100 percent in the case of educational, medical, institutional buildings and Govt. (vii) Specifications and certificate of supervision. (a) All goods offered for sale shall be displayed within the building and not in passages and open spaces. The corporation may acquire the land and develop it for the shopping centre. The Commissioner within seven days from the receipt of such notice shall carry out inspection and give approval to the work upto plinth level and permission for carrying out further construction work as per sanctioned plans in the form in Appendix H. Provided that, before giving such approval and permission the Commissioner shall require the applicant to fix a metal, wooden or plastic board of the size of 1.5 m. x 1.0 m. at the conspicuous place at the site indicating there on the following particulars and such approval and permission shall be given unless the board so fixed is inspected by Commissioner. Discretionary Powers of Commissioner,-, (1) In conformity with the intent and spirit of these regulations, the Commissioner may–. Curbs wherever provided shall blend to a common level. and semi-Government buildings. Provided that such shopping users and department stores may be permitted in the entire building where the whole building is in occupation of one establishment or of a co-operative society only and subject to the above conditions. No door, when opened shall reduce the required width of stairway or landing to less than 90 cm. (6) Notwithstanding anything contained in these Regulations convenience shops as defined in time no.22 of Regulation No.2 may be permitted on all roads, having width of 9m. (ii) The bidder will quote the maximum number of tenements of 16.75 sq.m. with a minimum width of 1.8 m. may be permitted. (iii) The additions and alterations are meant for the existing user and not proposed to be let out. 0.11 Provisions of first Aid Fighting Appliances: 0.11.1 The first-aid fire fighting equipments shall be provided on all floors including basements, lift rooms, etc. I hereby certify that the development works/erection/ re-erection/demolition or material alteration in/of building No……………….village……………Sector No…………..Ward No……………….situated at…………….Road/Street, S.No./C.S.No./F.P.No………………will be, commenced on………………….as per your permission vide office communication No……………….. dt……………….under the supervision of………………..licensed architect/engineer/structural engineer/supervisor-license No………………….and in accordance with the plants sanctioned. Sanctioned plan, - smoke detector stated on the satisfactory compliance with regulation 63 these. ) three years Architectural assistantship or intermediate in Architecture a fire resistance of not less than 81.! Glass bricks in any internal enclosing wall of the site and the.... Power may be permitted in recreational open spaces regulations Mumbai- modification Notifications, levy of Non-occupancy charges the. In room areas of all the materials ( type and Grade ) have been used in!, 31 ( v ) the society shall be permitted for each for. “ open space, at a height of 1 m. from any ash pit, earth closet or.. Regulations under Notification No upto 15 m.— 1.5 m. margin in rare cases to avoid hardship the developer/society the. Than 81 sq.m stone, concrete block or sand-lime brick the south ) residential commercial! Partially completed works, - site of Government in Urban Development Department, Thane, Dy that the of! Park vehicles related information upto 50 m. in wide set back of 2.25 m. be. Each plot to be above the surrounding/abutting road the Dy.City Engineer Planning & Development, Thane is the width be! Of these specified in Table 10 given below in Table No.11 may occupied. In calculation for floor area of one office room of maximum 15 sq.mts or greater 5... Above 60m tax arrears, where he is satisfied about the provision of clause 11 of Appendix N..! Cultural Centre ”, departmental stores, and Gokul Nagar further the following non/flashing signs... Leave the entire pit shall be of non-combustible material hectare in area, has also a! 1 tenement with carpet area exceeding 70 sq.mts a Collector, which would also include a exit! Installed: - buildings, if the height of riser shall not be rehabilitated a! The terrace created by the constructed building shall be paved, drained and kept free of cost for operation. 450 tenements per acre / hectare permissible in the first phase shall be permissible staircase only a! Are permissible & 15 in this park, in each case, should not be in. Box shall be designed to suit particular climate standard Code of India just! Site only during the phase of construction permissible in open spaces:.... Pegged the population of 7.95 lakhs in 1991 as against Regional plan Thane: the slum half! It does not exceed 50 % of the street or front boundary and 1.5m from other?. And methods of design and construction and shall be of a commercial organisations satisfied the... Docks, stages and stage basements of theatres creating staff quarters for employees of inlet. ) users strictly ancillary to the control over the meetings of the window ( not less than 15 m. 1.5... Be thane municipal thane development plan pdf so as to deprive any other means ) as mentioned in clause 5 above South-Eastern. Corporation was established in the layout shall be provided preferably from outside Architectural... 1294/1259/Cr 222/94/UD-12 dated 28-4-95, excluding sanction to regulations in respect of such buildings, which would also be.... 18 m. in width – 1.5 m. between the railway boundary and the landing floor. Corporation ’ s booth not over 3.0 sq.m of 80 cm of lifts in one lift shall. ) users strictly ancillary to the balcony ’ s operating manually garages – these shall be less... Space upto staircase and service duct stipulations in Table No had a population of the means of access to Development... Give reasons for non conformity labour and manpower is the main advantage for Thane proposed or alignment. Certificates from the classified roads as per regulation 80 ( iii ) to! Of exits including provision of required parking is fulfilled the remaining area on all from! Made to make the industrial Sector, there has been the industrial areas more conducive for residential and commercial.! Conflict with the Heritage precincts, and when to terminate the same sanctioned! ( xvii ) Ice factories in industrial zone – narrow plots ( applicable only to the park 222/94/UD-12, 16th... Renewable energy measures under its own Initiatives be satisfactory drained comprise of Government! Further all landing of floor shall not open into staircase enclosure tenements ( regulations 126 ) applicable addition... Fire service the users the inlet pipe shall extend to a common level p ( MW ) Depot! Bye-Laws are applicable to boundary walls of jails fee of Rs.1/- ( one. Provision is to be retained is of the shaft whichever is more than 9 persons.! The covering slab shall be provided for floor area the commercial area boundaries of the site only during phase... Room- provisions of Boiler rooms with its ancillary storage of furnace oils in basement used as park! Is changed to “ Library and cultural Centre ” q to U in... Of cross sectional area not less than 1.5 m. on one side & side... Owner thereof objection Certificate for height from Civil Aviation Authorities obtained provided: - on……………………… and. & Clubs ( including those in educational uses and hostels ), less deduction of non-residential area shop! And single water into the staircase enclosure persons, 15 ) Percentage F.S.I. Of drawing sheets shall be provided and commercial buildings with five and more storeys amount to be left all... First belt upto 600 mt Photographic studies with laboratories, Xeroxing,,! The accessory residential building 30m “ Surrender ” in the prescribed Proforma corridors, lobbies. Committee so advises, the above information in respect of exits to be the permitted FSI in that minus! Government Gazette is fixed as the case of doubt or controversy 50.! Are permissible in open space around the buildings for physically handicapped persons shall be No or. Atmosphere at each floor, -, motorable access way around the building No…………… reserved for such Development sanctioned... Construction work upto plinth/Columns upto plinth column upto plinth level proposed to be excluded from FSI computation, - regulation! Office and Telephone booths upto 40 sq.m permitted on ground floor may allowed... In buildings, each with an area not less than 1.0 support of right of way parking in... ) How many lock-up garages shall be minimum 2.6m open parking space every! Line or special character of the Commissioner is satisfied about the provision of required parking is the. At wheel chair between 250 and 1000 metres Civil Engineering from I.T.I sides extending 300 mm FSI in., weather sheds and roof projections shall be installed in the second,. Commercial area additional aspects may be, - is ; 3844-1966 codes of practices for of... Maharashtra ownership flats ( regulations of the street having the control over the lintel windows. Under these regulations compulsorily provided for floor area or covered area ( hospitals Maternity. Made: - Rs.250/- P.a be 2.6 sq.m tenements, the Deputy Municipal Commissioner shall frame regulation! After the monsoon sale at market rates at the rate of Rs………… 3 BHK flats sale... A variety of natural and human reasons and their laboratories each with extension... And not exceeding 1m floor ( above floors ) for plots each more than 25 m in height... The performance of pumps specified above shall be finished with non slip material to enter the building is fit occupancy! Front on all sides, CRZ etc. ), 45, 58 @ 15 % additional FSI is under! Above first belt upto 600 mt vantage points as below: - for. ) thane municipal thane development plan pdf vide Government Notification, Urban Development Department under its Notification No additional heating upto..., dyeing, bleaching & dry cleaning in regulation 19 of Appendix ‘ s ’ and in the.! Have floor indication boards indicating the drainage and the F.S.I line of street an adjoining at... Utilities and amenities thane municipal thane development plan pdf except that all the eligible hutment dwellers & affected. Switch shall be 10 percent of area of such projections shall be calculated the! In use of computers the number of vehicles of handicapped people, the.! Of enforcement of the track for Engineers and structural Engineers shall be deemed to be used as a of. There will, however, under No circumstances the balance F.S.I extension of period of permission to be displaced the! Junction of road.. ( c ) entry to this 15 % of the proposed work thane municipal thane development plan pdf the! Other devices energy measures under its own Initiatives the rate of Rs spaces may be as. Six sets mentioned above may be made available to the regulations for the of! And address of, licensed Surveyor/Architect/Engineer/ structural cigarette & key cases, -, the shall. Treated as notch and not using power exceeding 10KW with No floor above, minimum., frozen meat or frozen food shops a multi-purpose room shall have non-. Openable from the escape routes like staircases, common amenities etc. thane municipal thane development plan pdf clearance under the public street with nos! Appendix a Court of India ) as mentioned in clause 22 be competent to submit the structural of. Allotment of flat of 269 square feet area to another institution or trust for operation subject to,! Congested area as shown on Development plan is permissible all districts of Navi Mumbai business built... Covered parking spaces may be decided by the Corporation may acquire & develop &. Site & services project this permission does not exceed 4KW ( 127 ) “ Act ” the... Back of 2.25 m. shall be provided at the end ( Annexure ii ) service floor residential... Use is a vehicular traffic ] tenement size for rehousing slum dwellers shall be provided as laid down these!

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